Saturday, July 16, 2011

Funeral Service for His Imperial and Royal Highness Otto von Habsburg

Requiescat in pace and Sainthood Now!

Mourning the passing of a great and good defender of Christendom and civilization HIRH Archduke Otto von Habsburg whose funeral was today and portions have been saved to youtube and are available for viewing in the above playlist thanks to

Two days ago was Bastille Day and it seems appropriate to recall Archduke Otto von Habsburg reflection on the significance of the French Revolution:

"When the Goddess of Reason was placed on the altar two hundred years ago during the French Revolution and when it was announced that God was dead or had never lived, there began the greatest crisis humanity had suffered up to then. This led in the twentieth century to the erection of the concentration camps of National Socialism and the Communist gulags. - HIRH Otto von Habsburg, Return to the Center

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